“Stupidly Amazing”

My father sent me a link today to a FoxNews report of a company that is publishing so-called “disclaimers” on its copies of the Constitution and Federalist Papers (He titled the email “Stupidly Amazing”).

For the record, I think the disclaimer is silly, except that it has gotten them a lot of publicity.  Thank you, Fox News.  If they are seriously trying to get parents to discuss with their children the issues that women, black people, and anyone non-hetrosexual faced in the early Republic, they could have had a section of discussion questions or a foreword by a Republican historian that did just that.

But my favorite part of the whole article is that Fox uses Amazon’s comment section as it’s main support for people’s disgust of the practice.  I haven’t been to the pages.  I don’t know what other kinds of comments exist.  I just do not understand what we gain from this report except to show anger and lots of it.


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