Day & Night

Saw Toy Story 3 this weekend (as I stated in an earlier post).  The short before the movie was really interesting in the way it combined old school animation with new school.  I found it incredibly visually interesting.

But I was disheartened at the content, especially because this is a movie for children.  And once again, girls are taught to be objects and boys are the lookers/the watchers/the doers.

Spoiler alert!

Day & Night turn out to be gendered male.  And they share an interest in women and their bodies, especially women who are in bathing suits either lounging at the beach or swimming in the pool.  The image of a sunbathing woman is literally the thing around which these men bond.  It’s weird and unnecessary and I just expect more from Pixar.

Here’s a short teaser for the film that shows this exact moment (I mean, from the still you can tell that Night is literally drooling over her]:


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