I’m Sorry, What?

This Newsweek article (title “Why Antigay Activists Are Afraid to Testify”) is truly confusing and strange.

Choice quote:

Putting aside questions we cannot answer—how serious are these threats and how much has the Internet made us vulnerable to them?—the one we must answer is whether arguments that citizens are too frightened to testify, sign petitions, or contribute to political campaigns are in themselves bad for our legal and political system. Justice Scalia thinks so: “The fact is,” he warned in the Washington case, “running a democracy takes a certain amount of civic courage.” Timid citizens are likely to get a kind of democracy and justice that is neither democratic nor just.

Timid citizens?  Who are they talking about?  Opponents of gay rights are anything but timid.  And what about all the gay people in this country who come up against physical threats and bodily intimidation in their day-to-day lives, without any real protections to hide behind?  It is always mind-boggling when the oppressors find a way to make themselves (or rather, say they are) the oppressed and then milk their so-called oppression for every little thing that they can.


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