“Climate of Uncertainty for Gay Rights”

From Newsweek: “Climate of Uncertainty for Gay Rights: Gay-rights advocates have seen significant progress on LGBT issues, yet still are not celebrating. Why is that?”

Choice Quote:

On the face of it, gay-rights activists are making lots of progress. But here’s the catch—the bigger issues are consistently on the verge of happening, but never seem to be a done deal. There is a divide between Washington insiders who understand that government is painfully slow to move, on any issue, and a newly activated core of gay activists who want immediate change. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” hasn’t been repealed yet, the gay-marriage trial could take years to reach the Supreme Court, and the federal Defense of Marriage Act continues to block gay couples from countless legal benefits, including—in a bizarre twist—the right to a swift and affordable divorce.

Thanks to Leah for a heads up on the article.


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