Oh, Miley

From Salon’s Broadsheet: “Miley Cyrus’ subtle race-baiting: The teen superstar caps off quite a week with a baffling tribal performance at Toronto’s MuchMusic Video Awards”

Choice Quote:

Appearing in angelic pure white, Cyrus writhed around a tribe of the strangest bunch of face-painted dancers since that aboriginal ice-dancing routine at the Olympics.  There were bare feet. Torches. And lots of savage hair flipping. Her multiracial troupe tried to lock her up, to prod her with spears, even carry her off like a missionary on a spit. It was to no avail, of course, for she cannot be tamed. […]

She’s clearly trying to spread her impressive, expensive wings, and kudos to her for attempting new styles and her refusal to lip-sync.  But coming so soon after her other recent miscalculations, her MuchMusic performances have a vibe of a desperate, borderline insulting assumption that being “urban” or “tribal” makes one authentically badass.


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