Facebook: Deactivate vs. Delete

So, if you are here, you probably know that I deactivated my Facebook account.  But I have yet to go through the process of deleting it.  When you deactivate, you can at any time log back in and reactivate.  So, everything is there, just sitting on servers.  There are ways to delete and I plan on deleting the account entirely.  Still, it’s not clear that your information is gone and that Facebook won’t use it for something else or sell it or whatever it is they do with all of it.

But I want to share a few sites that some friends sent me about deleting your Facebook account in case you are at all interested in it:

From the New York Times Blog: “Is There Life After Facebook?”

From WikiHow: “How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account?”

A Facebook group called “How to Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account”

From Huffington Post: “‘How Do I Delete My Facebook Account?’ Query Soars In Popularity”

Finally, here is the link that takes you to the Facebook page that lets you delete your account (you have to be logged in to get there): https://ssl.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=delete_account

Many thanks to Mo and Tyler for the heads up about all of this.


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