LT Indicted: Updated

I mentioned that male athletes in this country have a history of sexual assault.  Well, add another.


According to TMZ, “Mets Ace Johan Santana Accused of Sexual Battery”. The report is upsetting and graphic.  “Law enforcement sources say DNA evidence did prove there was intercourse, but, according to a Sheriff’s document, the prosecutor concluded, “There was not enough evidence to prove lack of consent, the alleged victim’s statement is not consistent with other witnesses.” The case was closed out on December 8, 2009.”


According to Huffington Post, “Charlie Villanueva Domestic Violence? Pistons Forward Charged With Domestic Assault”.

Back to the original post…

According to ESPN, “Hall Of Famer Taylor Indicted On Rape Charges”.

Choice Quotes:

Pro football Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor was indicted Wednesday by a suburban New York grand jury on charges of third-degree rape and patronizing a prostitute.

The indictment follows his May 6 arrest at a Holiday Inn in Ramapo, N.Y., where prosecutors say he paid a 16-year-old girl $300 to have sex with him.

The former New York Giants linebacker also was indicted on charges of endangering the welfare of a child, and sexual abuse and criminal sexual act in the third degree. He faces up to four years in prison if convicted. He has denied the charges.

Rockland County District Attorney Thomas Zugibe said the 16-year-old told investigators that she had been verbally threatened and physically assaulted by a pimp who drove her 26 miles north to the hotel where Taylor was waiting. […]

Taylor’s attorney reiterated his client’s innocence Wednesday.

“Mr. Taylor and his legal team made a strategic decision not to present any evidence to the grand jury, including him testifying or any witnesses in his defense,” said defense attorney Arthur Aidala.

The evidence includes sworn testimony by a 23-year-old woman who says she accompanied the accused pimp and the 16-year-old girl to the hotel where Taylor was staying. She said Taylor did not rape the girl. The teenager returned to the car with $300 in cash and said: “It was weird … we didn’t even have sex.” […]

Authorities said the teen did not know whom she was meeting at the hotel room. The girl sent text messages to her uncle saying she was in trouble, police said. He called the NYPD, who arrested the suspected pimp once he returned to the Bronx with the teenager. The girl provided information about the hotel.


2 thoughts on “LT Indicted: Updated

  1. Hi, I think you’re overstating again: “male athletes in this country have a history of sexual assault.” I mean, don’t most men commit most sexual assaults? I think what you mean to say is that athletes often think they are entitled to do anything they want and aren’t beholden to the same standards that non-athletes are. This is because from a very young age, people are telling these pampered athletes they can do whatever they want, as long as they lead the Big XII in rebounds or whatever. The Duke lacrosse team was deemed innocent or whatever, but there’s no doubt in my mind that many privileged athletes like them feel they can do whatever they want. But at the same time, you shouldn’t lump guys like Greg LeMond, Cal Ripken, Grant Hill, and Jim Courier in with Lawrence Taylor, Jason Kidd, and Mike Tyson.

    And what about domestic abuse by men who aren’t famous–who aren’t constantly observed and possibly never caught or punished? Celebrities have so little privacy that at least there’s transparency–at least it’s known what horrible things they do. Think about all the frat boys who do what Ben Rothlisberger (sp?) did but it goes unnoticed because no one’s paying attention to them. Not that any justice was served by any means, but at least now his status as scum is not up for debate.

    Also a big (possibly bigger) problem is that sports fans are eager to forgive, as long as the guilty/ accused pretend to feel bad about it and lead the AFC in passing yards or whatever.

  2. Paul, if you point out everytime that I overstate or use hyperbole, this could turn into a career for you. I agree with everything you said.

    I think the larger issue is the everyday domestic abuse. But I think it matters that the models for how sexual and domestic abuse are handled, the people we hear about the most, are treated in this privileged way. I plan to use my blog to draw attention to everday sexual abuse whenever I can to help remind everyone that it is a huge but mundane problem.

    And, I hate Ben Rothlisberger. Don’t get me started…

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