USA Sports

I love watching sports.  I love it.  Love it.  Love it.  Love it.

This morning, the USA men’s soccer team won their game (in stoppage time in the second half!) to win their group (first time they have done that since 1930) and to move onto the knock-out round, where they will play Ghana.

It was absolutely thrilling.  Bless Landon Donovan and his golden foot under pressure.  And to hell with these refs and their stupid calls that keep disallowing legal US goals.  It shouldn’t have been so nail-biting.  But it was.  And that made the victory even more amazing and more fun!

And then this afternoon, John Isner, an American male tennis player, played (and has yet to finish) a marathon, world-record breaking Wimbledon match.  At Wimbledon, they don’t have a tiebreaker in the fifth set; in order to win, you have to win by two games, which means that you have to break someone’s serve and then hold your own (or vice versa).  So, last year’s final between Roddick (who won today) and Federer (who also won, though again struggling) went to 16-14, with Federer ultimately winning, of course.  That match felt like FOREVER.  Well, today the match between John Isner and France’s Nicolas Mahut was suspended for darkness with the fifth set at, are you ready for it, at 59-59!!!!  Between the first four matches which they played on Tuesday and the fifth set they played ALL of today, they have played exactly 10 hours, with 7 hours, 6 minutes of those being just today in the fifth set.  That’s INSANE!  There are no timeouts, no tagteams, no rest, no end.  It’s an amazing physical feat.  I will be tuning in tomorrow to see how these worn out, tired, sore men will finish this.

Here is a screen shot of tomorrow’s schedule for Court 18, where Isner and Mahut will resume their match.  It shows the score, which you just have to see to believe:

59 - 59 fifth set - Resumes tomorrow, June 24


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