Isner Won

70-68 in the fifth set.


The All England Club, bless them, had organised a little presentation ceremony. This historic moment should not go unmarked and so, wheeling out Tim Henman and Ann Jones, they gave a pile of prezzies to both players and to the umpire, Mohamed Lahyani (it was a crystal bowl and some champagne flutes, in case you were wondering).

Poor Mahut, he looked as if he wanted to be anywhere on earth but out there on Court 18. Still, he took it well and as the crowd gave him the loudest cheer of all, he finally spoke. “At this moment, it’s really painful,” he said. “But it was amazing to play these three days. We played the greatest tennis match ever at the greatest place to play tennis.”

“It stinks that someone has to lose,” Isner said. “To share this day with him is a real honour. I can only wish him the very best and that hope that we’ll meet down the road sometime. But hopefully it won’t go to 70-68.”


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