More on TX Republican Platform

In addition to my post on the TX Republican Platform, here’s more:

From the Austinist: “Texas GOP Platform 2010 Highlights: State’s Rights, Anti-Gay, Voter ID and More” (thanks, Mo!)

From Shakesville: “Deep in the Heart of Texas”

From News8Austin: “Despite national politics, Texas GOP mired in circumstance”

Perry had two convention goals. First, he obviously had to feed the anti-Washington frenzy. More subtle, but equally important, he had to communicate to the overwhelmingly white conventioneers that his and the party’s future depended on winning back Hispanic voters. None of that stopped the convention from adopting a platform full of messages guaranteed to turn off big segments of the Latino vote. Meanwhile, the shrillest of anti-illegal immigrant messages could be found in the vendor booths next door. One popular booth proudly displayed pictures of terrified Mexican women and children apparently rounded up, trying to enter the country illegally. Gov. Perry said he hopes to win half the Hispanic vote in November. If he even gets close, he will be a transformative figure in Texas and national Republican politics.

And I have to include this because it cracks me up.  From Houston Press’s Hairball Blog, “Texas GOP: Thou Shalt Not Go Down On Your Husband, Wife Or Significant Other”

We’re sure they’re just talking about those nasty, sinful, depraved homos, but are we to believe no Republican at that convention enjoys oral sex even in its heterosexual forms? “We oppose the legalization of sodomy,” they proudly announce. Which may be why they all seem so angry all the time. […] Ah, the Big Tent of the Texas GOP — everyone’s welcome, as long as they stick to the missionary position and get it over with as soon as possible.



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