Organic does NOT = Lower Calories

From “Organic labels may trick dieters into overeating: People assume organic foods are lower in calories, new study finds”

Choice Quote:

The results show people sometimes assume organic foods are lower in calories and so it’s OK to indulge in organic cookies more often than regular ones. Exercise was also deemed less necessary after eating organic desserts. The findings are in line with previous work showing food labels can spur misperceptions.


3 thoughts on “Organic does NOT = Lower Calories

  1. I don’t know if you’re posting this because you agree with it or find it entertaining. nevertheless, a response rant 🙂 :

    A more apt title would be “Organic does not necesarily = healthy”, or better yet “organic does not necesarily = lower calories”.

    This is because some organic options are the best choice gram for gram so is not really the subject for broad sweeping generalisations.

    Also, ‘healthy’ is a broad spectrum not solely restricted to calorie count alone, for example pesticides, preservatives and other chemicals added to the more processed foods are also a factor in the ‘healthiness’ of a particular food item.


  2. Point taken. I will change the title. Thanks for reading my blog!

    And for the record, I posted it because I think it’s important that people understand what food labels are actually saying. I want people to scrutinize them more. That’s all.

  3. Not meant critically, for the record have loved reading through your blog is a great idea to use all the quotes.

    Also, you do make a very good point about people needing to read labels.. kind of unrelatedish but the other problem with organic labelling is that so many products are being labelled as organic without actually being ‘organic’, not sure if thats just our slack laws here or if that happens elsewhere.

    Anyway, thanks for reading my comment 🙂

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