Top 100 Websites for Women

According to Forbes.

UPDATE: Please check out Womanist Musing’s negative response to this list.  It’s worth a read.  Choice quote:

The White women are busy congratulating each other…yeah for Whiteness.  Look, create all the fancy lists that you want, but unless it includes marginalized women, like WOC, trans women, disabled women, etc., it is NOT a list of women.  I am not going to say congratulations to anyone, because all Forbes did was reassert the idea that only a certain kind of woman matters.

Back to the original post…

You know I LOVE Feministing and it gets the first shout out of the whole list!

Short of a women’s studies seminar at Smith College, it would be hard to find feminist conversation as lively and engaging as can be found on Feministing.

I was just going to pick out a few and highlight them as ones that I plan to check out.  But the list is full of ones that sound amazing so my “quick list” is long.  It’s after the jump (but, please, check out the whole list on Forbes’ website).

85 Broads: A member’s only international network of 20,000 inspired, empowered and connected women started by female staffers at Goldman Sachs.

Babble: A community for new parents with advice, recipes, news and resources, plus a witty blog called Strollerderby.

Bizzie Mommy : Very busy mom Stephanie Elie blogs about juggling her two kids and multiple businesses.

Cool Mom: TV host and pop culture writer Daphne Brogdon blogs and posts videos to fuel the “momversation.”

Count Me In: This community for women business owners offers career resources, webinars, blogs and a network for female entrepreneurs.

Daily Worth: A personal finance and business site for women updated daily with money tips and blog posts. Their motto is: “We believe all women should be in charge of their financial health.”

Escape From Cubicle Nation: Career coach Pamela Slim offers easy-to-follow marketing and business advice to help workers funnel their passions into their work.

Families and Work: The blog from the nonprofit group Families and Work Institute features thoughtful pieces on the changing workplace and family structure.

Feministe: A feminist blog that tackles gender issues with both humor and gravity.

Hello Ladies: Calls itself “the intersection of feminism and life,” and features breaking news stories, feminist essays and work-life advice.

Home-Based Working Moms: An online community and association for work-at-home moms with useful resources to help with the juggle.

Jezebel: Owned by Gawker Media, a must-visit blog about celebrity, sex and fashion that bites into the media’s representation of women and critiques gender in pop culture.

Ladies Who Launch: An active and engaging site for female entrepreneurs that provides a resources for starting, building and running a business.

Minti: User-generated blogs discuss pregnancy, parenting, childhood and education.

Moms Rising: Members of this “motherhood movement” take to the site to rally behind family-friendly policies like paid sick days and parental leave, flexible work options and quality health care.

Motherlode: New York Times’ Motherlode blog by Lisa Belkin tackles studies, news and first-hand insight of modern motherhood.

Ms. Magazine: The Web presence of feminist frontrunner Ms. Magazine, the website boasts the most extensive coverage of U.S. and international women’s issues.

Ms. Money: A personal finance resource for women that covers everything from investing and budgeting to debt reduction, all to give financial peace of mind to its users.

Our Bodies, Our Blog: A blog from the nonprofit group Boston Women’s Health Book Collective that aims to educate on women’s health issues through topical newsy content.

Salon’s Broadsheet: The women and pop culture blog from Salon is always entertaining and enlightening and more than worthy of a bookmark.

She Finds and Mom Finds: Buying guides from shopping experts save busy women the trouble of pre-shopping research on must-have fashion, gifts and kid gear.

She Takes On The World: One of our picks for the 20 best marketing and social media blogs by women this year, She Takes On The World is an award-winning business and lifestyle blog for women.

Tech Mamas: A tech blog for mamas, a mom blog for techies, this California-based site offers advice on software, hardware and marketing for the working-from-home set as well as marketers in the tech sector.

The Football Girl: Melissa Jacobs blogs about football, “because women love football too.” Her site features game analysis, exclusive interviews with players and fantasy football tips for women.

The Glass Hammer: An award-winning blog and online community created for women executives in finance, law, technology and big business.

WFN: The blog of Boston College‘s Alfred P. Sloan Work and Family Research Network is a destination for information on work and family balance and features articles on public policy and evidence-based information on workforce issues, talent management and the impact of work and family issues on business.

Women Fitness: Aims to improve women’s nutrition and activity levels. “Wanting to look and feel good may feel shallow,” they say, “but if it means reducing body fat and building toned muscles, it’s a truly wonderful thing.”

Work It Mom: A community and blog for working mothers. Their philosophy is that if mothers share their experiences with each other, working women can successfully juggle career and family.

And right here at the end, I want to plug Shakesville, which I love.


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