If You Have a Kid

Check out these two articles.

First up, at Womanist Musings, “Is That a Boy or a Girl? Talking to Kids About Gender”

Choice Quote:

These are the ideas that I am constantly thinking about.  In my daily interactions with other parents they seem far more concerned that their children perform according to all societal expectations for their gender, than learning to think critically. Thinking seems to be something that we have thrown by the wayside in search of the white picket fence and the two car garage.  The end result is we become obsessed with unimportant minutiae, thereby; ignoring our communal responsibility to each other.

Perhaps we avoid confronting these issues because it means owning our complicity in oppressing another human being.  It is far too easy to go throughout a day never interacting with or recognizing those who have different experiences than us; action must be purposeful and thought out. To that end, I aspire to decolonize my mind and share what I learn with others. Perhaps if I do my job correctly, my children will have a shorter road to mental and social emancipation than I did.

And from NPR’s Morning Edition this morning, “‘Mozart Effect’ Was Just What We Wanted To Hear”.  Listen to it here.

Choice Quote:

The newest issue of the journal Intelligence has the largest review ever of research on the so-called Mozart Effect, the popular idea that listening to classical music can enhance the intelligence of people in general and babies in particular.

The review is titled “Mozart Effect, Schmozart Effect,” which should give you some idea of its conclusion: there ain’t no such thing.

But even if listening to Beethoven won’t make us smarter, the history of how the Mozart Effect ultimately became fashionable does have something to teach us. It’s a story about careful science, less careful journalism, and of course, death threats.


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