Team Bella

From, “Why doesn’t ‘Twilight’ have a Team Bella? Edward and Jacob have their fans, but the hapless heroine stands alone”

Choice Quote:

Fandom, it seems, is more about hoping the guy gets the girl and less about what the girl wants.

“Bella exists almost solely as an author insert or reader proxy to enjoy the relationships with these two guys, whichever one you like better, in a story that is really geared toward wish fulfillment,” said Cleolinda Jones, a 31-year-old “Twilight” fan from Birmingham, Ala.


2 thoughts on “Team Bella

  1. Bella is such an incredibly weak protagonist, it only adds to my frustration at the popularity of these books. She doesn’t evolve, she continually romanticizes a man who manipulates her emotionally and puts her in danger, I would love to hear Stephenie Meyer (the author) describe her as a character, because I feel that she has created and profited from a leading woman that is ultimately an example of what we shouldn’t be.

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