A Must Read

From the Washington Post, Robert Merrill’s “A veteran’s Harvard ally: Elena Kagan”

According to the article, Merrill is a “captain in the Marine Corps and 2008 graduate of Harvard Law School, [and] is serving as a legal adviser to a Marine infantry battalion in southern Afghanistan.”  He, himself, writes that “to the best of my knowledge, I am the only active-duty service member to have received a JD from Harvard during the deanship of Elena Kagan.”

The final two paragraphs say a lot about the so-called “anti-military” Elena Kagan:

During nine years of service in the Marine Corps, I have received a fair number of thanks from friends and strangers alike. I received perhaps the most thoughtful thanks of all just before graduating from Harvard Law School: The supposedly “anti-military” Elena Kagan sent me a handwritten note thanking me for my military service and wishing me luck in my new life as a judge advocate.

If Elena Kagan is “anti-military,” she certainly didn’t show it. She treated the veterans at Harvard like VIPs, and she was a fervent advocate of our veterans association. She was decidedly against “don’t ask, don’t tell,” but that never affected her treatment of those who had served. I am confident she is looking forward to the upcoming confirmation hearings as an opportunity to engage in some intellectual sparring with members of Congress over her Supreme Court nomination. I would respectfully warn them to do their homework, as she has a reputation for annihilating the unprepared.


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