Mom Logic

New website I found.

Here are three interesting op-eds:

1) “Breastfeeding Is NOT Creepy!

And here’s something to throw back in the face of anyone who thinks that breasts are only “fun bags”: According to one of my all-time favorite studies, guess which kind of woman is most likely to choose to breastfeed? The woman who is most comfortable with sex, erotica and her body. Prudes don’t breastfeed.

2) “Chris Brown Should Win An Oscar for His BET Award Show Performance

But the longer it went on it seemed really clear that this was an artfully contrived attempt at forgiveness made for TV with falls to the floor, snot wiping and major boohooing. Is this the new product placement? Emotional outpourings by fallen stars?

What really bothered me is that this was supposed to be about Michael Jackson, not Chris Brown, Chris Brown! Somehow you took MJ’s moment to use it for yourself. Not cool. But congrats to your publicity/crisis management team. They have earned their high fees — and whatever other checks you cut to pull off that spectacle. Look at your buzz now! Finally, you can push those pesky pictures of Rihanna’s battered face down off page one of your Google results.

3) “Why Do Black Kids Drown More Often Than Whites?

Sad as that is, it’s at least somewhat intuitive (less access to pools means less swimming expertise means more danger. Got it). But the study, which was conducted by researchers at the University of Memphis, also pointed to less obvious sources of the drowning gap. It turns out that generations of not swimming (caused, in the case of black children, by decades of Jim Crow-style segregation and discrimination in public pools) has left many black parents — and indeed, poor parents of all races — wary of allowing their children to go swimming or take lessons. The tragic irony, of course, is that swimming lessons offer protection against drowning — they don’t cause it.


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