Because the comment is so good

This article is stupid but I am going to talk about it anyway, just so I can quote a comment that appeared after it.

In short, Jill Lawrence thinks that because she lives in what she considers a liberal neighborhood and only two people fly flags on the Fourth, that must mean all liberals hate the flag.  Got it?

Choice Quote:

Once again on a patriotic holiday, only two flags flew on my block, and it breaks my heart. What is it about liberals that makes so many so disinclined to embrace patriotic symbols, to show the world that they care?

She, of course, references 9/11 and makes some comparison between waving a flag and buying foreign cars.  It’s top-notch.

Anyhow, here is promised quote that made me chuckle, mainly due to its brevity and simplicity:

wow. this was an incredibly offensive article. not only that, but it wasn’t even informative.

Right on, briancmat.  Right on.


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