Oscar who? What verdict? Huh?

So, I JUST posted about the news coverage online of the Oscar Grant case and right before I published the post, news broke about Lebron James going to Miami.  By 9:35-ish EST, here are three of the five sites from my previous post, all essentially erasing or severely minimizing the Grant story (MSNBC was exactly the same except with a different picture of James and CBS had moved Grant to the third story that popped up in its main window):


FOX News

ABC News

Wow.  Okay.  The answer is that Fox completely erased it, ABC took away it’s picture but you can see it there right at the bottom in the center.  Reminder: Mel Gibson’s big fat face is HUGE right next to it.  Get it?  Gibson the racist misogynist = more important than Gates.  And, without a doubt, LEBRON JAMES IS KING!!!  CNN also GREATLY reduced their coverage.  You will see it in the lower left of the CNN image at the top.  Ouch.

So, if you’re a black man in America, you’re important if you play really, really good basketball.  Lesson learned.  The end.


2 thoughts on “Oscar who? What verdict? Huh?

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