The Story the Media Has Been Waiting For…

I showed you in my other posts about where major news outlets decided to put the verdict for the Oscar Grant trial.  Well, now that is 11:10-ish EST, the media has gotten the much BIGGER and more IMPORTANT story for which they were waiting.

Thank you, MSNBC:


See, now why did they choose that shot?  Because when you click on the article, you get this picture, which actually show the “Hundreds” from the title.  I think they really, really wanted to show the “angry” and what does that better than a black man? (Oh, I’m sure that it doesn’t matter at all that the center picture is in direct juxtaposition with the smiling, happy picture of Lebron James in a collared shirt.)

Because in the above photo, the crowd looks really diverse.  They also look like they are just standing around chatting.  So, here is what MSNBC is reporting about the angry crowd:

A crowd near Oakland City Hall moaned and cursed when they heard the verdict. About 500 people, decrying what they called a lack of justice, later marched past police officers in riot gear and businesses that had boarded up windows as a precaution.

Other streets in Oakland were deserted after workers went home early in anticipation of possible riots. There were no immediate clashes reported, but officers were on alert in case the situation deteroriated [sic] after dark.

Protesters took over an intersection and some kicked at a police car to chase it away. […]

Police skirmished with the a few in the crowd as officers moved in.

That last sentence wasn’t even edited.  And is about as vague as it gets.  So, we will wait and see if the situation deteriorates.

Here’s the thing.  If it does deteriorate and there is some violence, then we will probably hear a lot about the verdict.  If it doesn’t, we will probably hear almost nothing.  That sucks.


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