Holy Shit…Shakesville put me in a post [UPDATED]

UPDATED: And so did Bitch Magazine’s Blog!  Again, I LOVE Bitch Magazine.  Thanks for the shout out.

I love Shakesville.  I think that is clear from the amount of times that I reference them on this blog.  I sent Melissa McEwan, the blog’s owner, the links to my Oscar Grant posts from last night that show the online media’s coverage of the verdict.  And SHE PUT ME AT THE END OF HER BLOG ENTRY ON THE VERDICT! (scroll to the very bottom)  She also, very nicely, sent me a reply email that I may never erase.

Now, I feel weird about being excited about this because this all revolves around something so tragic.  And my blog is just stupid in relation to every single part of the Oscar Grant tragedy.

But I am excited.  More people have viewed my blog today than ever (almost 100 today – before this it was 40 and that was the day I emailed everyone on Facebook to tell them that I had left and was moving to this blog).

Thanks, Melissa and Shakesville.  You know I love you.


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