Welcome to Post-Racial America

UDPATE: I fucking hate the comments on the FOX News site.  I hate them.  I think it is sad that there is a go-to space on a national news website for such racist spew.  Shame on FOX for promoting and catering to people who think like this about other human beings.  People.  For a group so obsessed with personal responsibility and being individuals, they are the first to stereotype and to group a whole lot of people together without a second thought.  And then to call that group “animals”, “bunch of blacks”, “typical”, “those with no morals or characters”,”primates”, “a culture of sub humans”, “coons”, “trash”, “apes”, “thugs”, “violent animals”, “the lowest form of life on earth,” “ghetto-slum”, “fifth-rate”, “animalistic” IS DISGUSTING.  Shame on you, FOX, for giving these people a forum and a space.  SHAME. ON. YOU.

Not only that but there are people who are actually suggesting that Oscar Grant either deserved to die (“Good Cop!! One less criminal on the streets!!!”; “Seriously, I praise the cop that got rid of one less welfare junkie criminal!”), that him dying wasn’t a big deal because he wasn’t really worth much anyhow (“THEY GET UPSET BECAUSE A CRIMINAL GETS SHOT”) or that he is somehow at fault for being dead (“He would still be alive if he did not resist arrest…simple as that!”  “Maybe had Mr. Grant been respectful to the police, this tragedy would not have happened.”).  Grant was not actually resisting, though.  That is something that every cop says when they fuck up.  Problem for Mehserle is that lots of people caught it on tape.  Tape you see all over the internet.  Turns out, Oscar Grant was lying on the ground with his hands behind his back.  He was not resisting.  And you know what?? Even if he was resisting, he didn’t deserve to DIE.  Not being respectful is NOT a good enough reason to shoot someone.  Or taser them.  How can anyone believe these things?  How?

I am so disgusted right now.  I can’t even think of another adjective to describe it.  Just disgusted.  And sad.  So sad.

So, there was some “rioting” and some looting last night in Oakland.  According to FoxNews (from an AP report):

Violent protests erupted in Oakland with stores damaged and dozens arrested[…]

Police in riot gear Thursday had maintained a watchful eye over a crowd of protesters as emotions ran high with about 500 people marching in the street. […]

Sporadic violence later broke out and police said they made 83 arrests throughout the night for violations that included failure to disperse, vandalism and assaulting a police officer.

At least a dozen businesses were damaged, including a looted Foot Locker store and a ransacked jewelry store, police said. Protesters also smashed the windows of a bank, set fires in several trash bins, and detonated a small incendiary device near a police station that caused no damage.

And from CNN:

At the high point of the protests about 8 p.m. (11 p.m. ET), there were an estimated 800 people in the streets, Batts said.

By 10:30 p.m, there were about 75 left, Batts said.

The protests were contained to the downtown area, police said.

Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums downplayed the demonstrations.

“People were preparing for everything to explode, but I am extremely happy that so far it has not, and I hope that it doesn’t,” Dellums said. “We’re not going to tear our own community apart, because we’ve got issues that we’ve got to deal with.”

I don’t condone the B&E, thieving, or any activity remotely related to it.  I think those people who participated in that behavior were opportunists and clearly acted illegally.  Please, don’t go loot stores because you are angry.  At the same time, I think it is clear that this was a relatively small incident (of course, it will be a big deal to those stores that were hit and I recognize that, too).  This was not 1992, which everyone feared.  This was over by the middle of the night.  If you watch the video on CNN, it is clear that not all 83 of those people arrested were black.  Most shown on the video weren’t.

Okay.  Now onto the so-called “post-racial” America.  Let’s look at some comments left at the FOX News site and, then to be fair, on CNN (though I have to honestly say, it was much, much easier to find hateful, racist comments on FOX’s site.  There was maybe just one or two people trying to talk about the case itself and the injustice of the verdict.  The percentage of that discussion was much higher on CNN).  Oh, and I decided to add one from Huffington Post (though that was the hardest place to find such terrible stuff).

Comments after the jump (Be prepared to be mad and sad and for your heart rate to rise…)

From FOX News:

And now for CNN:

And from Huffington Post:


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