2 Videos You Need to Watch

First, about the oil spill, BP’s move to cut costs, and the actual damage to the ocean and people’s health.  I got this video off of Shakesville, where Mouthyb wrote up an amazing post in response to this incredible video and the oil spill, itself (she also adds a warning and a short synopsis for people who may not be able to view the video).  It’s worth sitting down, being still, and listening for 15 minutes, promise:

I am linking to Intent.com’s list of what you can do, right now, to help with the spill (at the bottom of this page are related articles that contain even more information).  Because after seeing the above video, you may want to know.


And then, a video about the protests in the wake of Oscar Grant.  According to Oaklandlocal (which is a great website for keeping up with response to the verdict even though it (quickly) fell off the national radar),

My friend, Oakland film maker Oriana Bolden, is both talented and brave. When I saw the footage she just posted of the Oakland Police in action at 14th and Broadway the night of the Mehsertle verdict–and the way she was right there even as the police suddenly declared everyone standing there to be part of “an unlawful assembly”–and the people she filmed who were there as the cops started closing in on the line- I thought it was   just the best news video ever. No war zone photog could do better.

[Reaction to Mehserle Verdict: Oakland, CA: 8 July 2010 from Oriana Bolden on Vimeo.]

More coverage from Oaklandlocal:

Some other Oscar Grant articles:


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