Thanks to my friend, Claire, for this heads up to Corporette. Since she explains the website so well, I’ll just quote her directly:

On the surface, this is a blog about dressing for the workplace,  NOT about the problems women face in corporate America (the authors are two lawyers).  And I should hasten to add that I cannot afford any of their suggested articles of clothing. [I think you have to be a lawyer, seriously.]

But I find the comments section a FASCINATING vernacular discussion of gender discrimination in the workplace, esp. the legal workplace. Look especially at the open threads. Sometimes they are just discussing what is appropriate for X event. But occassionally the specific topic on the blog will be something that is totally related to gender discrmination and gendered interpretations of behavior–the post on crying in the workplace–for example. The discussion following this post  was totally interesting and offered me a rare glimpse of the sorts of things women in the corporate world face. There was also a recent post about from this woman who was complaining that a lunch she instigated as a professional–she was trying to court a new client for her firm–turned into the potential client hitting on her and taking the whole occasion as a romantic date. The comments and strategies discussed following that post were also really interesting.

Ultimately I just like it b/c while the blog’s stated purpose is to discuss dressing professionally, in the process the blog must contend with the challenges of appearing professional as women–and that encompasses much more than one’s sartorial choices. Such discussions often  become, almost  inevitably, a larger dialogue about discrimination in the workplace and if and when to attribute setbacks to gender discrimination or some sort of gender-neutral lack of professionalism.

How can you not go visit the website after that amazing analysis?  Claire is a smart cookie.


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