This is Dumb

Thanks, CNN, for reporting about this: “Cupcakes get ‘butch’ with sweets for manly men”.

I know that you are dying to know what makes a cupcake go from girly (which I guess they are?) to “butch”.  So, I’ll just let the reporter and the dude owner of the bakery explain:

His New York cupcake company, Butch Bakery, is an anomaly in a world seemingly dominated by all things dainty and cute.  Arrick refuses to serve the “frilly, pink-frosted, sprinkles-and-unicorns” variety. Instead, customers can proclaim their machismo with cakes made with beer, whiskey, bacon and crushed pretzels.

“It was born out of necessity and a love of buttercream,” Arrick said of his 9-month-old business.

Each Butch cupcake sits under a generous layer of frosting and a chocolate disc with a camouflage, wood grain, plaid, houndstooth or other “manly” pattern.

Like a mixed-martial arts fight, Arrick’s cupcakes can pack a serious punch. Six of his 12 varieties feature alcohol — and customers feel the hit. [..]

Arrick said he doesn’t think the average man would necessarily turn down a pastel, ladylike cupcake.

“Men like to eat,” he said. “I’m not saying I’m not going to go for a cupcake with a peony on it.”

But, if given the option, “a guy is going to go for the one that has camo or plaid on it.” […]

While most cupcakes are, stereotypically, feminine or frilly, Arrick is keenly aware that he himself is playing on stereotypes with his use of bacon, beer and in-your-face manly advertising.

“It’s so tongue-in-cheek,” Arrick said.

Ironically, 95 percent of Butch Bakery’s customers are women. Arrick said many are searching for creative gifts after exhausting cliche ideas such as neckties. [..]

Arrick doesn’t have a target date for setting up a storefront. But Barrineau, a loyal fan of the “Tailgate” cupcake, says he can already forecast the entrepreneur’s future:

“I think he would see a line of big, hairy men waiting in line for cupcakes.”

To summarize:

Cupcakes are stereotypically feminine or frilly because they are pink-frosted, pastel, lady-like with sprinkles, unicorns, and peonys on them.

Things that are “manly” and for men are: beer, whiskey, bacon, crushed pretzels, camouflage, wood grain, plaid, houndstooth, alcohol, and in-your-face advertising.

So, my questions about this include:

  • 1) Aren’t men insulted by shit like this?
  • 2) Don’t so-called “big, hairy men” already line up cupcakes? And if his customers are already 95% female, why does the person at the end of the article think a storefront will make the menz come?
  • 3) If a cupcake has blue frosting on it, is it girly?

And now, folks, in order to make you hungry, I have added this photo gallery.  It is up to you to determine if these cupcakes have genders.  This is important shit, don’t forget.

I think I’ve made my point.  If you need me, I’ll be in the kitchen.  Making cupcakes.  And eating them.


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