Based on this Conversation, She’s NOT Racist

So, sometimes I fall down the rabbit hole of reading conservative people’s twitter feeds.  It always makes me crazy.  Of course, now with all of the Sherrod stuff happening, conservatives are going nuts about how there’s no racism, they aren’t racist, and liberals are the ones fanning any racist flames.  And so it goes…

In bouncing around, I came upon the twitter feed of midlifechick:

And here are the two tweets that are driving me nuts:

[In case you can’t see the picture, the one on the bottom (which was tweeted first) says: “At work, just got FedEx delivery.  I’m white; fedex guy black.  I said, ‘I’m a tea partier.  Do you think that makes me a racist?’ more…”.  Followed immediately by this tweet: “FedEx guy looked at me and said he wasn’t keeping up on ‘things.’ I said ‘please let’s dont let racial stuff divide us.’  He said ‘okay.'”]

What kills me is how incredibly racist this action was on her part but how she thinks she has done something to start the healing process in this country:

[This tweet says: “@Joe-3gan I just talked to fedex delivery guy about it.  I’m white, he’s black.  Face to face, two people talking.  That’s what I mean.”]

She is trying to say that she started a dialogue one-on-one with a black man and that that is a powerful thing that can end racism. That this is how all whites and blacks need to act in order to end the racial divide.  Yeah, clearly.

Let’s just imagine for a second what the delivery guy is thinking during this face-to-face.

She says: “I’m a tea partier.  Do you think that makes me racist?”

Delivery guy thinks: “OMG.  WTF?  What does this lady want me to say?  Yeah, you asking me this right now, well, that’s a little racist.  And if not racist, then inappropriate and weird.  If I say no, then I’m lying and she’ll feel smug.  So, I’ll just pretend like I have no idea what she is talking about…”

Delivery guy says: “I don’t know.  I’m not keeping up on things.”

She says: “That’s okay.  But please, from one white tea party lady to one black man who delivers things to my place of work, don’t let the racial stuff divide us.” [I’m just assuming it went something like that since we got the abbreviated version on Twitter.]

Delivery guy thinks: “Is she fucking kidding?  Why the fuck is this happening to me right now?  Did she really just tell me that I shouldn’t let this racial stuff divide us?  Isn’t she the white lady who just sought me out because of my skin color so that she could feel better about not being a racist?  Seriously, universe, WTF?”

Delivery guy says: “Okay.”

And then she returns to her computer where she happily tweets this exchange, completely ignorant of, well, everything.

Here are the problems:

  • 1) She’s at work.
  • 2) The FedEx guy is at work.  And his business and his bosses get their money from her place of work.
  • 3) So, she used a business situation where she is the customer to accost a stranger about whether he is willing to judge her on the spot.
  • 4) She specifically sought out a black dude (at least someone she assumes and labels as “black”) to ask this question of.  [Wait. I’m sure she has at least one black friend she can call and ask this of.  I mean, someone in her life who actually knows her.  Maybe?  Just one?]
  • 5) And then she BLAMED him for the “racial stuff” that is dividing this country (I assume that is what she is talking about dividing).  It’s somehow HIS responsibility to end it.
  • 6) She thinks that telling a black FedEx delivery guy on his morning route, who is delivering or picking up packages from her business that her business is paying him to pick up or deliver, to not let “racial stuff divide us” is appropriate, makes a point, and pushes racial equality forward in this country.

So, this is how some individual tea partiers handle the issue of race and are working to end racism in this country.  In response to this and as an appropriate way to sum up my feelings: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [head on desk]


4 thoughts on “Based on this Conversation, She’s NOT Racist

  1. So, now that I’ve read the post you dropped the link to in the blogaround, I’m having a look around your blog, which I’m enjoying.

    But I’m especially pleased to know that racism is coming to an end. Now midlifechick has issued anonymous black FedEx guy with his instructions, he will presumably relay them to His People, and they will take care of that whole racism problem that they’ve been causing for us.

    If I believed these things work the way midlifechick seems to, I’d grab the first black person I see and say, “Look, the rest of us want to apologize for midlifechick. Please spread the word.”

  2. Maud reads my blog! This has made me week.

    Thanks for your comments. Your final paragraph had me laughing out loud this morning.

  3. I can’t wait until she tweets about asking a Mexican busboy whether supporting SB1070 makes her racist, while holding the tip he might get in front of him.

    Perhaps after that, she could go to an abortion clinic holding a bomb and ask if it’s sexist to be anti-choice.

    Okay, that last one’s a bit absurd, but come on, you can’t expect honest answers when you ask people volatile political questions when their wages and continued employment depend on being courteous.

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