“He’ll Never Golf Again”

Or: “Mad Men!  Mad Men!  Mad Men!”

It premieres tonight!  Hello, Season 4.

In case you have never seen the show, are wondering what the deal is with this show, and want to know how to catch up in time to watch the premier tonight (because you should watch this show), here’s a video (4:35 in length) that fills you in on the highlights from the last three seasons.

[Update: Thanks to my friend, Laura, who tried to help me with my video issues (see comments below).  When I relayed this back and forth to my husband, who is an incredible computer programmer, he took up the challenge.  He found me this website from WordPress that will help me solve my future embed issues.  So, hopefully, this won’t have to happen again.

Once again, I can’t embed the video. I’m going to have to seriously consider moving this blog over to blogger or some other format because the embedding issues are so frustrating, especially for someone like me who isn’t an aficionado with computer stuff.]


9 thoughts on ““He’ll Never Golf Again”

  1. Hey Jessica — have you tried pasting the embed code in the HTML tab of your “New Post” window in WordPress? (As opposed to the “Visual” tab?) That seems to work for my blog.

  2. I have. It deletes the code. I have told Aaron and he said that he has seen this same problem with the way his running team’s website works on WordPress. When Aaron has no answer, I don’t know what to do.

  3. Yeah, I don’t have problem with YouTube. And I figured out Vimeo. But I can’t embed MSNBC videos (no Rachel Maddow – boo!) and whatever site the Mad Men video was on. It’s so annoying.

  4. That’s so weird. It must be some limitation that WordPress has on its own hosted sites, ’cause I just did a test post on my own hosted WordPress version and I was able to post a Viddler video without a problem.


  5. Yeah, I don’t host it. That must be it. Maybe I should do that. Aaron told me that I could use plug-ins if I hosted it and that seems to be the big problem.

    You’re entrelac baby blanket is SPECTACULAR, by the way. And I may have to learn how to knit (as part of my dissertation procrastination) in order to make the Refine School purse. I’m going to link to your blog so I can keep up with your kick-ass knitting.

  6. Thanks! I really owe most of the beauty of that blanket to the yarn I used — it’s self-striping so the colors change automatically and I just had to knit along!

    And I use that purse ALL the time now — it’s just about the only knit item I haven’t given away to someone.

    You guys have to come visit LA sometime!

  7. We want to come to LA! I may be there on my own sometime soon-ish. I have to do research outside of LA at the Huntington Library in San Marino. I’ll let you know when or if that happens.

  8. Awesome! The Huntington Library is amazing, and it’s run by Steven Koblik, who was the president of Reed when I went there. Cool guy.

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