I am obsessed with Amazon’s Kindle after borrowing one from a friend when I took a recent trip.  I have yet to return it and am trying to budget in a way to purchase one before I travel by myself in September.  If you haven’t seen one in person, go look at it.  You won’t believe how READABLE it is.

And, don’t forget.  Just because E-books are wonderful and don’t weigh anything, regular books are still superior if you have the means to them.  So, make sure to visit your local bookstore (BookPeople is mine, which I purchased from last week) and give them your business, too.

Therefore, two different Kindle stories caught my attention today.

First is from Newsweek: “Why the iPad hasn’t killed Kindle”

Choice Quote:

Amazon claims Kindle sales have actually gone up since the iPad came out, partly because Amazon slashed the price of the device from $259 to $189. That price cut caused the growth rate of Kindle sales to triple. “I think what people are seeing is that we are focused on building an uncompromised reading experience, and customers love that,” says Steven Kessel, who helps run the Kindle business at Amazon.

Kessel says people have realized that the iPad might be good for a lot of things, but isn’t really the best device for sustained reading over several hours. It’s too heavy, for one thing—about a pound and a half compared with 10 ounces for the Kindle, which can be held in one hand, like a paperback. As Kessel puts it, in a bit of an understatement, “The Kindle and the iPad are very different products.”

Another problem is that the iPad’s bright LCD screen can be tiring on your eyes compared with Kindle’s black-and-white “electronic paper.” The Kindle’s screen also works better in bright sunlight. Kindle has better battery life—it can run up to two weeks on a charge, if you keep the wireless switched off. That compares with 10 hours for an iPad. Plus, with Kindle you have no contract and no monthly fee, and you have wireless access in 100 countries—a nice feature for travelers.

And then there was this story from our local paper, The Austin-American Statesman, teased this way on MSNBC: “Kindle hurt at fall in Austin house”.

I couldn’t understand why they were talking about this until I clicked on the link and saw that it was about Sergio Kindle, a local (and soon to be national) football star.  Oh, well.


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