Good News, I guess…

“A working mom doesn’t necessarily hurt child’s development, study finds” at The Washington Post.

Damn, could that title hedge anymore? It doesn’t “necessarily” hurt their development… but it could. Don’t forget, working moms. It could.

From the article:

Infants raised by mothers with full-time jobs scored somewhat lower on cognitive tests, deficits that persisted into first grade. But that negative effect was offset by several positives. Working mothers had higher income. They were more likely to seek high-quality child care. And they displayed greater “maternal sensitivity,” or responsiveness toward their children, than stay-at-home mothers. Those positives canceled out the negatives.

The study may bring hope to working mothers, who have labored under a collective societal guilt since the 2002 publication of landmark research showing that early maternal employment hampered child development. The same research team behind that report produced this one.


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