Those “Illegals” are So Deadly [Updated]

Yesterday, from the Washington Post:

The religious order that was home to three nuns whose car was hit Sunday morning by an alleged drunk driver in Northern Virginia said it is upset at what it views as the politicization of the incident.

Sister Glenna Smith, a spokeswoman for the Benedictine Sisters, said Tuesday that “we are dismayed” by reports that the crash, which killed one woman and critically injured two others, is focusing attention on the man’s status as an alleged illegal immigrant. Critics of federal immigration policy have seized on the crash.

“The fact the he had DUIs is really poignant, but he’s a child of God and deserves to be treated with dignity,” Smith said of the driver, Carlos A. Martinelly Montano. “I don’t want to make a pro- or anti-immigrant statement but simply a point that he is an individual human person and we will be approaching him with mercy. Denise, of all us, would be the first to offer forgiveness.”

So, I sent Michelle Malkin a tweet today to let her know how the nuns felt about her piece of writing and have yet to hear back…


That’s right, Michelle.  It never ends.

It’s like when people are around other people that sometimes some of those people do terrible, deadly things.  Because we all know that if one (or ten or even fifty or two hundred) of 10.8 million(-ish) undocumented immigrants in this country is a terrible criminal, they all must be and so we should keep all of them out, deport the ones that are here, and then, *magic*, no more deadly stuff will happen.

Except when those other minority groups that you don’t like do terrible, deadly things.  Then you’ll be all over that.

And thank you so much for keeping us safe, Michelle.  You make me so proud to share citizenship with you.


3 thoughts on “Those “Illegals” are So Deadly [Updated]

  1. I love it when the media takes notice of someone decrying the media’s tendency to focus in on a controversial aspect of a story and throw everything else about said story to the wind.

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