In “Things I Don’t Want to Know”

From Huffington Post, “Triceratops Was Juvenile Form Of Another Species Of Dinosaur, Scientists Say”.

In other words, Triceratops never existed!  They are just baby torosauruses.  I love triceratops – they are the best dinosaurs.  I didn’t need to know!  Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

New research from a duo at the Museum of the Rockies argues that the triceratops may never have been a distinct species, but rather the younger form of another dinosaur.

After comparing the skull shape of the triceratops to that of its close relative, the torosaurus, researchers John Scannella and Jack Horner concluded that the triceratops may actually be a juvenile form of the torosaurus (not an entirely different species), as dinosaurs’ skulls could change shapes during their lifetime.


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