Prop 8 in UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Fuck, yeah!


3 thoughts on “Prop 8 in UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Fuck, yeah!

  1. Hi! Congrats to our Gay and Lesbian Friends in CA from a straight supporter in PA. Now for a song: The Mormons and Christians keep your mouths off our cocks and cooters/ None of your whining and crying or we’ll smack you in the hooter/ What the judge says is gospel, so stop your discrimination and lies!/ We don’t tell you who to marry or if it’s legal in God’s eyes!/ This shouldn’t be an issue between religion and state/// It’s a matter of equality, not a religious debate!/ We don’t get in the preacher’s or GOP’s beds to see how you relate/ The only difference is you guys can procreate—and sometimes with a different husband or wife!/// Now you’ll be filing appeals up the yazoo!/ And yet we know you have more important issues you should attend to!/ Like the upcoming elections and who else you’re gonna screw (over)!/ But for now, for us it’s something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue! Congratulations!

  2. Heard about this over at Shakesville! I’m thrilled. Every human being – did I leave out anyone? ….deserves equal rights!!!

    Congrats CA!!!!

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