I Don’t Get It

Here are things I don’t get in the wake of the Proposition 8 ruling:

1) Why people oppose gay marriage.

2) How the right to marry under the law is not a civil right.

3) Why we would ever want people to vote on the civil rights of the minority.

4) Why any time a judge rules in favor of a “liberal” cause they are activist.  But when they rule for something “conservative” it is following the Constitution.  Gay having the right to the benefits of marriage under the law = tyranny.  Corporations being treated like individuals who need to protected by the 1st amendment = judicial prudence.

5) Why people even care if gay people have the right to marry (I mean, the people who oppose it, of course. How does it hurt them or have ANY effect on them at all?)

6) Why people refuse to study the history of marriage in America.  See this book.  Her thesis?  Marriage has ALWAYS been used in this country to define who is or who isn’t a “citizen”.  Surprise, she was a witness for the prosecution in the Prop 8 trial.

7) How people who are pissed about the ruling don’t understand that the defense didn’t put a case.  They presented almost nothing.  And what they presented, well, it was embarrassing.

8 ) How, if you are against gay marriage, you can seriously believe that you aren’t homophobic.  If you ever have to say, “I’m not a homophobe, but…”, you are.  That’s all.

9) Why people are wasting money, time, resources, etc., fighting to keep gay people from getting married.  What is it about?

10) How people can think that the system of government or the courts failed them with this ruling.  Yeah, the court is cramming civil rights down your throat.  It’s the job of the court to do that.  It’s why we have a Constitution and separation of the branches of power.  It’s why people want to live here, why people are proud to live here.  This fight for civil rights, though, is something that keeps happening over and over again in our history.

11) That Brown v. Board was all about the fourteenth amendment.  So was Loving v. Virginia.

12) Why people think that allowing gay people to get married and have access to the same rights under the law will matter in any way except to give equal rights to everyone.  For Fuck’s Sake.


6 thoughts on “I Don’t Get It

  1. that what people are usually talking about is a religious thing. if your religion wants to be homophobic, fine, but i don’t want my country’s laws to be that way.

  2. 7) How people who are pissed about the ruling don’t understand that the defense didn’t put a case. They presented almost nothing. And what they presented, well, it was embarrassing.

    From my experience with the three commenters on my Prop 8 post from yesterday is that they truly believe that marriage has some sort of universal definition that has transcended history and that the notion of redefining it now to include gays is just beyond acceptable thought.

    Also – they truly believe that marriage was created for the sake of procreation: you get married so you can have kids. That’s the end goal always.

    It’s a fundamental religious notion — they are Catholic, so it’s not surprising that they have those opinions. Which is fine for them. What baffles me is that they just don’t understand the difference between religious doctrine and civil law. They can’t grasp that there’s the secular definition and then there’s your own personal definition that can be influenced by your faith, your upbringing, whatever you want.

    It’s that lack of recognition of the difference between the two that truly leaves me dumbfounded. In their eyes, the defense did provide a defense.

  3. I’m a gay Lebanese and was ecstatic when i heard the news about the Prop 8 ruling!

    You’ve raised some pretty good points. Especially point “8”.

    Great post! 🙂

  4. Thanks for reading and commenting. The ruling was amazing. Now we just have to wait and see what will happen…

  5. Thanks for reading and commenting. The final sentence of your comment just makes me incredibly sad. And I know you are right. I guess that is why it is all seems so crazy to me.

  6. Religion always has to poke its nose in where it doesn’t belong! When churches get political it’s time to stop that tax-exemption! If the Morons have all that money to waste on a political matter, then make them pay taxes on that money! Look at how many poor people that money could have helped! But that’s right, the churches that have become political don’t care a damn for the poor. It’s all a front to get the corporate-loving, Bible-thumping, money-worshiping, hypocritical Republican in office! Then when he becomes a skirt-chasing, illegitimate baby-making, God-loves-me spouting homewrecker he can say God foregives me, and let’s go after the real sinners!

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