Notes from Today’s Travel

Today my son and I took two flights, rode a train between terminals, and did lots of riding in cars.

Here are things I heard or noted:

1. An American Airlines employee telling me to get in line behind the “oriental” lady.

2. One TSA employee to another (on break, eating breakfast) describing something as “retarded.”

3. American Airlines does not do pre-boarding for people who may need extra time (which was me today – single mom with child and carseat – hell yeah, I want to get on first because it is hard and annoys EVERYBODY when I don’t). Another win for Southwest.

4. People just don’t give a shit sometimes on airplanes. I pre-emotively apologized to the person in front of my son’s chair just in case he kicked her seat. The carseat caused his feet to be rather close to her chair. I was clearly worried about the situation. She was nice enough about it. Then immediately reclined her seat when she got the chance.

5. No matter what city you fly to in Florida, the flight is going to be full of kids, especially in the back.

6. The whole world thinks that my son is a girl because his hair is past his shoulders (I’ve known this since about his fourth week of life but it felt very acute today).


One thought on “Notes from Today’s Travel

  1. Glad you guys made it to and fro safely. The oriental comment reminded me of something worse or at the least, just as bad that I heard a few years back.

    I arrived for my night shift at a local hospital. In report (day shift turning the reins over to night shift), the young black nurse began to tell me about the patient in room…whatever.

    Name….age….race????? She referred to him as a 62 year old “China” man!

    My mouth dropped. I immediately asked her if she realized that was inappropriate? Her answer…”what am I supposed to call him”

    I informed her that the term she was puzzled about would be ASIAN!

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