More Mosque Links

From Roschelle over at her great blog, Inconsequential Logic: “What’s Wrong With YOU People?!”

In just a few weeks, a church is planning a Koran burning ceremony scheduled to take place on the anniversary that Americans from all backgrounds, all ethnic groups, all faiths (including Islamic) were killed in a terrorist attack on our country – a site remembered today as ‘Ground Zero’.

The very country that vowed no terrorist or act of terrorism would change our way of life. America would remain a beacon of hope in the midst of the storm – a place, a land, a home – to be proud of claiming as our own.

The latest, in what seems like and unending episode of  ‘Fear Factor’, is the opposition against a Muslim community center and mosque that is to be built two blocks away from where the Towers stood. Those opposed claim the new facility arouses acute emotion and total unity among relatives of 9/11 victims, first responders, Tea party members, Republican office holders and anyone remotely affiliated with Fox News. Unity based on what?!

‘Mosque’ Debate is Red Herring (Washington Examiner)

Manhattan Mosque Debate Renews Concern Over Stalled Sept. 11 Trial (FOX News)

Islam Is Ground Zero: Why we should build the proposed Islamic center in Lower Manhattan (Slate)

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Cuts First ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Political Ad (NPR)

Why Ground Zero is Different Than Auschwitz (The New Yorker)

The Mosque Litmus Test (The Daily Beast)

Newt Gingrich compares ‘Ground Zero mosque’ backers to Nazis (The Washington Post)

So What I Wanna Know Is… (Shakesville)


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