Palin is NOT Shackled

Sarah Palin wrote a whole op-ed about the Dr. Laura shit on her Facebook page.  And, of course, completely avoided everything that Dr. Laura said to this caller except the fact that Dr. Laura used the n-word 11 times in the conversation.

Here are my two thoughts about this crap.

First, STOP using the term “shackled” over and over again when talking about how a white woman who has used the n-word, told a black woman not to marry outside her race if she doesn’t have a sense humor, and who played the “you’re-too-sensitive” racist card is treated by those who are offended and outraged.  As if that word “shackled” has no historical significance.  As if this country doesn’t have a messed up past in which actual human beings were actually shackled as actual forms of actual punishment.  Because maybe Sarah Palin doesn’t know much about American history (which wouldn’t surprise me) but the word “shackle” for me makes me think of slavery, first and foremost (Media Matters agrees with me on this).  People shackled to each other in the belly of a ship as it crossed the Atlantic.

Gangs of people shackled together forced to march across this country after the international slave trade was shut down and the domestic one was booming.

You know, and this:

So, trust me, Ms. Palin.  In this country, what you think you and Dr. Laura are experiencing, it isn’t even close to being shackled.  At all.  So stop it.

Second, stop acting like politics is a violent battlefield where people shoot each other.  Because some people do actually commit violence because of their politics (your politics). [UPDATED: And, of course, things did actually become violent in January 2011 when Rep. Giffords was nearly assassinated by a point-blank gunshot to her head.]

That’s all.  Good bye.


5 thoughts on “Palin is NOT Shackled

  1. I read this post and thought “I so wish I could insist Sarah Palin read this.” But then I realized how unpleasant listening to her inevitable glib, dismissive, self-absorbed response would be.

    In any case, I’m glad I read it, scatx.

  2. Thanks. I wish so many things about Sarah Palin. Mostly that she would go away, out of the public eye. Stop making my blood boil. Etc.

  3. It is great to hear Palin & Schlessinger’s RIDICULOUS rhetoric called out.

    I love when the privileged play victim when they are called out for the oppressive exercise of their privilege. IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE.

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