[Image from Twitter.  Written by a GregWHoward, it says, “Impeachment of Obama.  Movement gaining steam.  Push it forward or resign yourself to slavery.”  There’s a link to here (The Washington Times – a brilliant article that uses nothing to back up its claims, not even that little thing called *links* that allows you to link your statement with another page that provides evidence for the shit you are spewing) followed by some Twitter hashtags.]

This Greg Howard seems like a standard conservative nut who thinks the whole country is in a massive implosion because Obama has been president for less than 2 years.  But once again, I feel the need to point out to another conservative that because you don’t like what is going on in whatever capacity that does not make you a slave or even put you on the path to becoming one.  Even if Obama somehow magically managed to change this country into a socialist nation (trust me, we aren’t even close.  At all.), that doesn’t make you a fucking slave.  You know what makes someone a slave?  The institution of slavery.  Laws passed by the dear Founding Fathers that made actual people actual slaves.  So, please, conservatives.  Complain all you want about the evils of the world but for fuck’s sake, stop equating your life with those of actual slaves.  Grrrrr.


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