I’m a Young Feminist

and I’m damn proud of it.

Please visit Fair and Feminist for their young feminist Blog Carnival.  Going on now!

P.S. Now that I wrote that I am wondering if I am still considered a “young” feminist.  Man, I hope so because I am really not that old.  I (*fingers crossed*) have many decades left on this planet.  This weird generational split in the movement and this need to define ourselves against the “older” generation seems so strange.  I get that the impetus is a response to being defined by that same older generation.  But maybe in the same way that I believe mothers and child-free feminists need to stop discussing who is being oppressed more by society’s judgment of them (cause we ALL are because we are ALL women), I believe we get no where when we are trying to prove our worth and our significance to each other.  It feels simple to me.  I realize it’s not.  But a girl can dream, can’t she?


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