Jim Crow Still Going Strong

I had heard about this but Misty at Shakesville brought it fully to my attention today.  Here’s the story:

Students at a Mississippi public middle school looking to run for class president this year need to maintain a B average, obtain 10 signatures from their classmates – and be white.

At Nettleton Middle School, students last week received the rules for the upcoming student government elections. Students could run for president, vice president, secretary-treasurer and reporter, but some positions were off-limits depending on race.

In all three grades, only white students can run for president. In eighth grade black students can run for vice president and reporter. In seventh grade blacks can only run for secretary-treasurer, and in sixth grade only for reporter.

There are no assigned positions for students of other races and no mention of students who are mixed race.

The policy appears to be a holdover from late 1960s desegregation orders, but is one of several school district policies that smack of Jim Crow, including crowning separate black and white homecoming and prom queens in high school.

Say, what?  Huh?  This hurts my head and heart.

The school board has fixed it, at least: The school board in Nettleton, Miss., voted Friday to reverse its policy under which race determined whether a candidate could run for class positions, including president.


4 thoughts on “Jim Crow Still Going Strong

  1. Not Jim Crow, Affirmative Action. Certain positions in each grade’s student government was set aside for Blacks; Whites weren’t allowed to run for them.

    A 30 year-old policy designed to allow Blacks to participate in the process is now, due to shifting winds of societal opinion and the knee-jerk race-baiting by the Leftists, being derided.

    That’s funny actually.

    Now let’s see if ANY Black students get elected at all in the couple of years…

  2. This is not affirmative action. That would be if there were six equal positions and two had to be left open specifically for black students. There was a hierarchy here and it was established to keep black people KIDS happy in their lower positions of power. This is systematic racism in fucking middle school. There is no other lesson to be learned from that.

    And what about the Latino kids? Or anyone who doesn’t fit nicely into some crazy 1960’s definition of “white” or “black”?

  3. I need to file this under, “Are you fucking kidding me?!” I don’t understand how anyone thought it was okay to continue with this policy. Next we’ll be finding out that there is no race requirements, but no girls can run.

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