WTF? Being a Mommy = PR Stunt/Pathetic?

From Jon Wertheim’s Tennis Mailbag over on CNNSI:

Here’s hoping that Clijsters loses early–I’m not a huge fan of the cheesy strategy of bringing the infant to the court to score PR points. That was pretty pathetic last year.
–Juanita Sanchez, New York

This came up twice this week. Quick rebuttal. A) If there’s one player who does not embrace a “PR strategy,” it’s Clijsters. B) What’s she supposed to do? Send her daughter to Six Flags with the nanny the day of the U.S. Open final? I suspect a major motivation for Clijsters’ return was the opportunity to have her daughter watch her success. C) If anyone is to blame, it’s the media — one member in particular — who beat the “mommy trope” with unrelenting frequency.

Wow.  Juanita wants Clijsters to lose because she brought her child to her US Open final that she won, the first mother to win a grand slam tennis tournament since 1980?  WTF?  That’s all I have on that one.  Kudos to Wertheim, though.

This comes from someone who carried her son across her triathlon finish line when he was 9 months old.  Because I wanted that moment with my son.  And I wanted the picture so that he can see that his mother is strong, that his mother is fit, that his mother cares about exercise, that his mother is a bad ass, that he can know that bodies can go through so much and recover.

So, hell yeah, if my kid was 18 months old and I was once again at the peak of my athletic career AFTER having gone through pregnancy, labor, and post-partum, damn straight I would be celebrating with my ENTIRE family, especially my child.

So, I am now officially backing Clijsters.  Go, Kim, go!

[It’s not a secret that I am a huge Clijsters fan and a big part of my love for her is that she is a mom.]


One thought on “WTF? Being a Mommy = PR Stunt/Pathetic?

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