“Girl, you are TOO tall to ride the school bus”

I have seen multiple articles over the last week about Elisany Silva, a 14-year-old Brazilian girl, who is 6-foot, 9-inches tall.

The article at Fox News says this about her:

Due to her abnormal height, the teen said she was forced to quit school because she became too tall to ride the bus.

I say, what?  Are there not very tall boys all over the place who ride buses (especially when they are being transported to a high school basketball game)?  I just think this is…weird.  That’s all.

[This is in a (sort of) series about the “TOO tall” ladies (a category into which I fit with my 6-foot tall frame).  First entry: “Woman, Take Off Your Heels.  You are TOO Tall“.]


8 thoughts on ““Girl, you are TOO tall to ride the school bus”

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  2. it is weird and very sad. i doubt the ability to get on or off a bus was the real issue.

    the child is probably teased unmercifully. deciding to skip the harassment altogether…she’s chosen to stay at home and surround herself with family and friends who are accepting of her very unique stature.

    life can be so hard!

  3. I agree that there is a whole lot more involved there than simply that she can’t ride a bus and most of it is sad. She wants to be a model and she is gorgeous and, you know, Brazilian. But I feel like wanting to be a model is part of her trying to show that she is accepted specifically for her looks.

  4. Well, from everything I can find on it, it’s not clear if she chose to stop going (if so, I would just imagine it was from bullying or harassment – as Rochelle mentioned in an earlier comment) or if she was told that she could not longer go because she didn’t fit on the bus. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. Hmm. She’s 14, when I was that age the school buses came in two flavors – with seats too small for an adult and with seats too small for highschoolers. So if the highschoolers or middleschoolers were put on the older busses, we’d not fit well at all. It was somewhat annoying – and I was second shortest in class!

    I could see that there might be an actual physical limitation of the seats that can’t fit someone that’s 5’9, let alone 6’9… Ugh.

  6. Yeah, I know people who aren’t even quite that tall, and they cannot really sit in the seats on a bus; they have to have a seat to themselves, and they sit kinda sideways and put their legs in the aisle.

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