What is this?


4 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. Pretty sure he has 1 granddaughter and 5 grandsons. Every time a grandson comes around in Kyle’s aunts’ family it’s a similar thing, though not publicly displayed: boys – 6, girls – 0. Most likely still a result of perception that having boys is ‘better’, especially for some traditional, truck-owning Texans.
    Yes, I’m stereotyping.

  2. Yeah – this makes me want to vomit. Along with every.single.time someone tells me that “boys are so much better than girls.”

    Because, you know, girls and women are such pains in the ass.

  3. Yeah, when I found out I was having a boy, I heard a lot of things about boys being better than girls (one mom told me the “pressure was off” – I felt bad for her, the mother of an older daughter and younger son. She must have felt pressure in her family). My son is, of course, the coolest little thing on the planet but I’m not sure it has anything to do with his sex or gender.

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