A Must Read

I’m traveling a whole lot this month which means two things.  1) Less posting and 2) More reading.

I just finished Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go and I loved it.  I devoured this book.  I cried, inevitably, at the end (the author wrote Remains of the Day).

It is hard to explain the plot without giving away the plot.  I’ll let TIME do it (they included among the 100 best novels since 1923):

Kathy, Tommy and Ruth are students at Hailsham, a very exclusive, very strange English private school. They are treated well in every respect, but as they grow older they come to realize that there is a secret that haunts their lives: Their teachers regard them with fear and pity, and they don’t know why. Once they learn the secret it is already far, far too late for them to save themselves. Set in a darkling alternate-universe version of England, and told with dry-eyed, white-knuckled restraint, Never Let Me Go is an improbable masterpiece, a science fiction horror story written as high tragedy by a master literary stylist. It’s postmodern in its conception, but Ishiguro isn’t playing games or chasing trends: The human drama of Never Let Me Go, its themes of atrocity and acceptance, are timeless and, sadly, permanent.

I agree with TIME that it was the timelessness and the permanence that hit me hard at the end.  And also the way in which society decides whose bodies matter and how easily we can cast away our eyes to those whose bodies don’t matter.

It is being made into a movie with Carey Mulligan (as Kathy), Keira Knightley (as Ruth), and Andrew Garfield (as Tommy).  I actually saw the trailer and it made me want to read the book.  And after reading the book, I watched the trailer again.  It made me cry.  I want to see the movie as long as the reviews are good.  Here’s that trailer:


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