The Eternal Question: Gays or Pets?

Thanks, MSNBC!

[The image is of an article title from MSNBC’s homepage.  It reads: “Who’s a family?  Pets vs. same-sex couples”.]

The title of the actual article says, “Who’s a Family? Some say pets in, same-sex couples out”.  Oh, goody.  Please, let’s hear from the empathetic, caring, open-minded people who think pets are more family than “same-sex couples.”  Can’t wait.  Just so glad this is a fucking news story on a major news site that isn’t Fox.  I’m glad that homophobia and hatred isn’t just housed on a single new site.

From the article,

New research being released Wednesday shows steadily increasing recognition of unmarried couples — gay and straight — as families. But there’s a solid core resisting this trend who are more willing to include pets in their definition than same-sex partners.

How “family” is defined is a crucial question on many levels. Beyond the debate over same-sex marriage, it affects income tax filings, adoption and foster care practices, employee benefits, inheritance rights and countless other matters.

I have to say, the article isn’t very clear about how large that “solid core” is which makes me think it ain’t that big.

After talking about all the different ways that people in these polls over the last decade have defined family (and without, for a second, questioning why people were ever asked to compare gay people to pets), the article then, of course, gives crazy “traditional family” conservatives their chance to spew:

“Same-sex marriage is a dangerous social experiment,” said Glenn Stanton, director of family formation studies for Focus on the Family. “A lesbian couple who legally married in Massachusetts — are they family? We would say, ‘Absolutely not.'”

Stanton said it was increasingly difficult to engage in serious debate on the definition question.

“We’re moving in this headlong direction toward same-sex families without any intelligent discussion about whether it’s actually good for the children and the adults,” he said. “This whole issue has boiled down to, ‘Are you a bigot or not?'”

Yes, the question of bigotry is stupid (isn’t going after bigots just another form of bigotry?  Hate and let hate, I say).  It’s all about whether stability, love, intimacy is good for children and adults and that – that – is the thing that is up for questioning.  Not hatred.  Because questioning hatred, that gets in the way of actually hating and no hater wants his hatred curtailed, obviously.

The article then gives voice to the people who are fighting for equality:

The shifts described in Powell’s research pleased Jennifer Chrisler, executive director of the Family Equality Council, which advocates on behalf of same-sex families.

“People are taking a more expansive view of what a family is,” said Chrisler. “But for any family that doesn’t fit the 1960s Ozzie and Harriet mold, slow and steady doesn’t feel fast enough.”

Chrisler and her wife, Cheryl Jacques, a former Massachusetts state senator, are raising twin boys.

Of course, when the author described Glenn Stanton above, they didn’t choose to tell us ANYTHING about Glenn Stanton’s personal life.  I imagine he is married with children.  But I don’t know if he is.  But that pro-gay lady?  She’s a lesbo.  Her wife, she was a politician in a state that made it okay to get married to your same-sex partner (though Massachusetts has yet to make marrying your pet legal, which seems strange with all the pet love going on).  And they are lesbian parents – of BOYS!  So, now we know that she definitely has a personal agenda here.  And a political one.  Nice going, author of unbiased take on hate and bigotry.

The article does ends with a “single people count, too” message, which seems like a sort of weird direction to take this article that started with comparing gay people to pets.  But, I guess hating others doesn’t stop with just hating gays.  When it comes to adoption, single people suck, too, according to those “traditionalists.”  It is, at least, a positive ending to a fucked up “news” article:

The Family Equality Council has been lobbying on behalf of a bill pending in Congress that would prohibit states and child welfare agencies from denying adoption or foster care placements solely based on the sexual orientation or marital status of the potential parents.

The bill is targeted at states such as Florida, which bans gays and lesbians from adopting — a policy now being challenged in court.

The bill, introduced by Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif., has been applauded by the Alternatives to Marriage Project because it encompasses single people as well as same-sex couples,

“I get frequent letters and e-mails from people who find the political rhetoric of ‘family’ to be extremely exclusive of singles,” said the project’s executive director, Nicky Grist. “For singles, it might be a code for ‘You don’t count.'”

For Powell, the major finding of his new research is the shifting view of same-sex families — which he compared to the gradual acceptance of interracial marriage.

“We envisage a day in the near future when same-sex families also will gain acceptance by a large plurality of the public,” he wrote.

Still, I choose to end this post this way: Fuck you, MSNBC.


4 thoughts on “The Eternal Question: Gays or Pets?

  1. I love that you post such great stuff. It makes my head explode – but I still love it.

    Don’t women *always* have an agenda? Whether they’re gay, married, mothers, able bodied, etc; they’re just never happy with things.

    I’m sick of the Ozzie and Harriet family, I really am. Let’s let it go already.

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