Rum Punch Mania

According to Hans Sloane (17th/18th century doctor and Royal Society fellow) I am lucky I made it out of Barbados alive since all the rum punch I consumed (oh, so. much. rum. punch.) could have easily killed me:

[The image reads:”Of a Mania from excessive drinking of Rum-Punch.”]

The story/anecdote that goes along with this diagnosis:

[It reads: “John Parker, about Thirty five years of age, a lusty full-blooded Fellow, was much given to drink. He had been taken ill of the Epidemic continual Fever, reigning at first when I came to the Island, and recovered, as others out of it, of which before. Soon after he committed a great debauch in Rum Punch, after it lying on a cold Marble Floor. He fell from these causes into a Mania, so that he was observ’d to speak and act very incoherently, and to get up in the night, &c. His rage increas’d to a very high degree, and he died in a very few days, notwithstanding all the methods usually followed in these cases.”]


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