Maddow on Yesterday’s Blocked DADT Vote

You know I love her!

I have the worst time publishing MSNBC videos to this blog so I am simply going to link to the video over at their website and then provide some quotes from the transcript (which you can read if you go to the video – linked above – and hit “transcript” just to the lower right of the video).  I do suggest you see the video for yourself, though.

If this was a political deal, a political compromise, that involves two parties negotiating in good faith, the other side in this case did not hold up their end of the bargain. If indeed that was the bargain. So, if you’re the White House, are you still going to hold up your end of this broken bargain? Or are you going to do what you say you really want to do? […]

Amendments to the defense bill should just be about defense: that’s why the Republicans said they were blocking this bill today. That’s not why they blocked this bill…. Scrolling before you on the screen right now, these are all the amendments that Republicans have attached to defense authorization bills just in the past few years, banning internet gambling, opening up the arctic national wildlife reserve to oil drilling, allowing concealed weapons to be carried across state lines.[…]

Today Republicans objected to the potential of the DREAM Act, an immigration bill being attached to the defense authorization bill. But three years ago, it was Republican Senators Orrin Hatch and Bob Bennett who tried to attach the very same DREAM Act to this very same bill. Thus disproving the fake objection from Republicans today that this is somehow about the purity of the defense bill. […]

This whole argument that Republicans weren’t being allowed to amend the bill? It’s not true. It is made up…. John McCain and Republicans also said today that this was about deferring to the military, that Congress shouldn’t change the policy on gay people serving openly before the military itself has a chance to study it. […]

The language of the bill that Republicans filibustered today is not actually a repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. The langauge would allow the military to sign off on a repeal if their existing current study of it is so indicated…. What this amendment does is say if the military studies it and decides they can get rid of the policy safely, this would take the law off the books. […]

Today the Republicans did a historic thing. They chose to block funding for the entire US military. And they did it not because of any of that window dressing procedural stuff they are trying to hide behind today. They did it because they want to keep this anti-gay policy in place This is about the gays.


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