My Hero

My good friend, Laura Birek, has the awesome knitting website/blog, Nocturnal Knits.  I’m visiting her in LA right now and when Michelle Malkin’s face flashed on the screen during last night’s “Daily Show”, she told me seriously disliked Malkin.  Turns out Malkin had linked to and made fun of one of her knitting patterns; specifically, her amazing Obama sweater:

Instantly – I mean INSTANTLY – my friend became my hero.  Because anyone who annoys Malkin is awesome in my eyes (because she really, really annoys me).  But someone who gets a direct, linked shout out (maybe “shout down” is better?) from her, well, that’s off the fucking charts.

So, naturally, I went to find the said Malkin blog post today and here, my friends, it is.


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