How Segregated is Austin?

Eric Fischer has used the 2000 census data to visually showcase the way that racial lines are and are not created in the top 40 cities in America.  This is what his flickr site says:”I was astounded by Bill Rankin’s map of Chicago’s racial and ethnic divides and wanted to see what other cities looked like mapped the same way. To match his map, Red is White, Blue is Black, Green is Asian, Orange is Hispanic, Gray is Other, and each dot is 25 people. Data from Census 2000. Base map © OpenStreetMap, CC-BY-SA”

I think this map simply shows what us Austinites already know: white people live west of MoPac and populate our northern suburbs.  Just by glancing at this map, you can tell without the obvious roads where I-35 probably is based on where the orange and blue dots appear.  Crazy.

This is an amazing visual representation of the city.  To see Fischer’s other pics, check out his flickr site.  And I first read about this project at Fast Company, who have a write up about it here.


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