Listen to This: Matt & Kim

This weekend was the 9th annual Austin City Limits (ACL) Music Festival here in town.  I have been to 6 of those 9 festivals.  While I feel like there are tons of good bands to put in the “Listen to This” category – and I plan to do just that – there is one in particular that I want to start with today.

On Saturday night, Matt & Kim, a duo from Brooklyn, put on one of the most fun festival experiences I have ever had.  They looked like they were having the most amazing time, that they were enjoying performing.  And I seriously enjoyed the fact that Kim, with her incredibly ripped upper body, plays the shit out of the drums, while Matt sings and plays keyboards.  But they are all over the place during their performances: Kim likes to stand on top of her bass drum while Matt is often contorting himself into different poses while hitting the keys.  They dance around, they try to get the crowd involved.  Seriously – so. much. fun.

So, first, “Lessons Learned.”  This is the video that put them on the pop culture map.  Erykah Badu (no less) was inspired by their video and made one that followed their example (except hers led to lots of broohaha and her being charged with disorderly conduct).  Stick around for the end on this one:

Related: Matt’s interview with EW about the Badu video.

“Yea Yeah” from their first album.  You can watch Kim rock those drums:

“Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare” (live).  I love how Kim sings along while drumming:

Finally, “Daylight”:

You’re welcome.

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