On a recent flight (from Chicago to Minneapolis), the guy next to me was reading the SkyMall magazine and came across a product so fucking ridiculous that he had to share it with me.  I had trouble getting my laughing under control, long after this guy had moved on so I was trying hard to think of anything but this BIG. GIANT. CHAIR.

Behold, the Brobdingnagian Sports Chair from Hammacher Schlemmer:

The chair is so big that that dude’s arm barely reaches the arm rest.  And does he need that tall of a headrest behind him?  There are so many questions…

What is this, you ask?  I’ll let the description that accompanies this chair fill you in:

This is the portable chair that elevates your physical stature at any outdoor event.  Measuring 5 1/2′ tall, the chair is certain to provide stadium seating at any venue, and its 9′ sq. seat affords ample room for full-body gesticulations.  The lofty seat elevates feet well above the ground, where they’re free to dangle and sway.  The reinforced powder-coated steel frame and 400-denier rip-stop canvas support up to 400 lbs.  The chair folds to just 8 1/2″ wide for transport in the included duffle bag.

Can you imagine taking this to your kid’s soccer game and setting it up in front of other parents?  Or to a music festival and putting it on the edge of the chair line?  Who the fuck would not only want one but actually purchase it?  If you have seen this in person, please let me know.

Also, out of curiosity, how do you get up into it?  Now, that’s a YouTube video I’d love to see.

It can be yours for just $149.95.


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