Kids on the Radio

My partner loves music.  It’s a deep passion of his and one for which I am always thankful.  A whole lot of the “Listen to This” posts on this blog originate from him telling me to listen to some band.

As part of his love, he is always searching for internet radio stations to listen to (or, rather, radio stations with internet streams).  His favorite, WOXY, shut down this year (which led to some serious sadness on his part).  He now listens to some Minneapolis stations, including Radio K.  Today he found out through Radio K that Paste Magazine had released a list of the “40 Best Little Radio Stations in the U.S.“.

He sent me an email after reading through the list to let me know about this very cool radio station in Maui that has kids as DJs.  It’s KOPO 89.5FM.  Here’s the write up from Paste:

Driving around Maui with my daughter, I heard The Replacements, Tom Waits, The Decemberists, Vampire Weekend, Beirut, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Motown, jazz and even Jack Johnson, because it is Hawaii. The only DJs were the kids of the Paia Youth and Cultural Center, who read all the announcements during the breaks in music.

As parents of a two year old, we just love this idea that children get to pick music, that they pick (what we consider to be) cool music, and that they are given the reigns of a radio station.

My partner is now searching out possible things like this in Austin for when our son is old enough to participate.  He has found the Youth Spin hour on KOOP (also on the Paste list).

It’s quite possible that we will be pushing (or rather, gently nudging) our son into a rock band or to be a radio DJ where most people emphasize things like college or medicine.


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